Prosthetic Services include but are not limited to:
AK Prosthesis (Transfemoral), BK Prosthesis (Transtibial), AE Prosthesis   (Transhumeral), BE Prosthesis (Transradial), Partial Foot Prosthesis,
 Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis, Micro-Processor Knees, Myo-electric Components and   anything you can think of related to the absence of a limb.

Your Satisfaction and Comfort Comes First

Choice of suspension system and socket fit have significant influence on a your comfort, mobility, and satisfaction with prosthetic devices.

The prosthetic socket is the interface between the  residual limb and the remaining prosthesis while the suspension system holds your limb to the socket and the prosthesis.

 A number of prosthetic suspension systems are used with prostheses; for example in Tranfemoral prostheses the suspension systems include  Silesian belt, hip joint with pelvic band, suction socket, and silicone liners with or without a shuttle lock.

Our Certified Prosthetist has particular expertise in the fabrication and alignment of the prosthesis based on the client’s physical performance and the fit  . Continual consultation between you and  the prosthetist  ultimately creates a very effective means of caring.

Your Prosthetic Device should be as Unique..... as YOU are.....